Server Monitoring, Simplified.

Simplify your server monitoring with HawkStream. Get near real-time insights, alerts and more. Start monitoring your servers today.

HawkStream-ify your servers!

Get near real-time insights

HawkStream provides you with near real-time insights into your servers. Get alerts, notifications and more. Always stay on top of your server's health.

Quick install script.
HawkStream's easy install script automatically detects your server's architecture and installs the optimized version for your server.
Optimized binaries.
HawkStream provides optimized binaries for ARM64 and AMD64 with and without AVX2 builds. Get the best performance for your server.
HawkStream ServerSage AI.
Solve server issues and problems with HawkStream ServerSage AI. Get insights and recommendations to improve your server performance.
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